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Clarity Drops Advanced Brightening Vinifera Serum 45ml

Clarity Drops Advanced Brightening Vinifera Serum 45ml

Brightening Treatment | Non comedogenic ingredients | Fragrance free

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Never has anyone wished for a magic fix to their problems than while dealing with pesky acne scars, dark spots and discolouration. While magic may or may not be real, Clarity Drops is as close it as it gets. This is an efficient, multitasking formulation comprising of Vitis Vinifera aka Grape Glycolic Acid – an exceptional spot correcting ingredient, Kojic Acid – a brightening and hyperpigmentation-tackling powerhouse, Alpha Arbutin – a dullness and free radical fighting superhero and Olive Squalane – known for its moisturising and soothing goodness. Clarity Drops is designed to deliver while being gentle on your skin. 

All your spotty woes? #ConsiderItSolved


Hero Ingredients

  • 5% Vitis Vinifera
  • 2% Alpha Arbutin
  • 1% Kojic Acid
  • Olive Squalane 

Apply Clarity Drops Brightening Serum all over your cleansed face. Can be used morning and evening. Follow with sunscreen when used in the morning. Clarity drops can also be used as a brightening mask. Apply a thick layer and wash after 15-20 mins.

How to use

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  • Advanced Brightening Complex
  • Gentle yet effective